About Us

We take this opportunity in introducing ourselves as aprofessional Security & Facility Service provider; we have been in thebusiness of providing Security & Facility Services since 2011.

At VIBRANT, we pride ourselves on being the leader in theProfessional Security & Facility Services. Being in the business for over adecade, our years of experience and our combination of the best Manpower,Cleaning, Detergents and Equipments has helped us to bring a level of expertisenot seen in other Security & Facility Companies.

Being CUSTOMER SERVICE PROVIDER, we ensure we have all processesdocumented, our aim is Customer Delight at all times and we assure completesupport services.

We are one of the very few companies which conducts a hazardinvestigation and risk assessment at its own cost prior to commencing work in anew facility or area.

Our Quality, Safety and Environment management models that wesubscribe to, have ensured that we not only meet Customer needs, we also meet theirexpectations and their preferences.

We focus on being single-source solution providers to everyrequirement in the non-engineering arena of facility management. 

We have designed our Systems to eliminate all possible variationsin Service Quality- this alone is the most efficient way of improving theService we provide. These Systems work together to create a process that isEfficient and Responsive to Customer's wants. 



Enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the limited spaceand work environment of every client through a collaborative approach is ourGoal. We are proud to be known as the Company that keeps its Customers becauseit treats them and their assets so well.